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Using Online Shopping Coupons to Save Money

With the global change in market economy, shopping malls are becoming less popular day by day. Online shopping is now very popular amongst the youth. With the progress of IT, online shopping has become much easier these days. There are hundreds of online e-commerce websites available that offer opportunities for couponing, so here are some useful methods to save a lot of money while shopping online.

Coupons Online

There are many websites which offer online coupons to increase the sale of that particular website. These coupons are considered as a great medium to grab traffic from internet. It gives a marginal advantage to any particular website and promotes the website among the users. A few apps are also available in the app stores which offer individuals deals, coupons and discounts on various websites. Some coupon websites also have sign-up services where the user can receive emails or text alerts about the latest coupons.

Social-Media Integration

Social media networks are a great resource of traffic to a website these days, and as a result, some websites are offering ‘rewards’ to their customers for mentioning them in various social media networks. In most of the cases one user gets some attractive discounts for promoting an eCommerce website on social media website. It isn’t just increasing the popularity of a website, it also makes it more trustworthy to people.

New Member Invitation

Here, people are basically given coupon or voucher rewards in turn for referring a friend. If you liked the service of a company you have used, tell your friends about it and you could get free vouchers in return!

Limited Period Offer

There are many limited period offers such as offer of the day, happy hours and many more are available in various websites. One can save money by using these methods. In general cases these are quite similar to of season sale. Examples of these can be seen here.

Not only e-commerce websites there are many other types of websites which provide these options to boost sales. Popular brands like Dominos, Godaddy and others provide these offers quite often. Vouchers and coupons are common on any website that takes money from you in one way or another; not just traditional grocery shopping websites. So, if you need to pay for goods, subscribe to something, pay bills, do shopping or anything else where you need to reach for your plastic card, the chances are you can find a coupon to use with it.

There are many websites which maintain a daily record of these coupons and their functionality. With the growing popularity of this method, websites changes their coupon codes quite frequently so that a limited number of people can enjoy the benefit of a coupon for a free.

Great Nomorerack Deals for my Geek Husband`s Birthday

A few days ago I found out about Nomorerack, an online flash deals website that is offering up to 90% off discounts for a large selection of items. Because soon my husband`s birthday will arrive, I was thinking to give this site a try and see what I can find.

Yesterday I thought to spend some time browsing this website and learn more about it. I let everything aside for about an hour and browse the site around. What I found out? Well, you`ll probably be amazed because I was.

The “Up to 90% Off” Deals Are True

At first when I found out about Nomorerack`s hot deals of up to 90% I thought “No way can this be true!” Well actually it is. The first category page I visited as you can imagine was the jewelry page. Under each item, there`s a small description about the product, its price as well as its retail price. Somewhere in the left, you can see a green button that automatically calculates how much the discount really is – the different between the retail price and Nomorerack`s price.

Most of the deals I noticed on rings (no matter their design) were between 80% and 90% off. Some of the rings went even until 92%. That`s simply unbelievable for me. I mean ask yourself this: “What`s Nomorerack earning from this?” I`m pretty sure when they cut their losses, they still earn money; they couldn`t survive in this business if not.

A Large Selection of Deals on Electronics

What I like at this great flash sales website is not only the great amount of money that you can save on a specific deal, but also the fact that you have plenty of products from which to choose. And all these items are included in their deals. For example, when it comes to electronics, you have plenty where to choose – smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth items, optical lens, wireless adaptors, watches, mobile chargers, headphones or notebooks – you name it. The discounts are not as great some of the other categories, but it`s pretty logical if you are to think that electronic items generally are a lot more expensive. I`m very happy that if I decide to buy such a product for my husband`s birthday, I have enough products from which to choose.

Men Clothing – A Section Not Forgotten

I`m not usually the type of person to buy clothing as a gift for someone. I didn`t even consider this to be an option now, but I had to take a look just to see if I can rely on Nomorerack for this category of products in the future. Good news! You actually can find here a lot of great deals on socks, shorts, t-shirts, boxers, shoes, and even suits. And what is even greater – some of the deals on men clothing (and women clothing as well) can go up to 75%. I`m not too sure if this is true, but where can you find better deals on women or men clothing than Nomorerack? I don`t think there are too many other places, if there are any!

iHome Alarm Clock. Me Likey!

The Geek.Boy.Husband got a late start this morning, because the battery was busted in our Busy Bee (our name for the car because it’s a bright yellow and black Aztek (pictures available online everywhere you look — and yes, we know most people think it’s one of the worst SUVs ever created. Don’t care! We love our Busy Bee. I picked it out. Shut up).

He had to wait while our Geico saviours came and replaced the battery to the tune of $155. Nice way to start our day. No breakfast. No geek love. Just a busted battery and lateness to the j-o-b.

Reason #153 that the G.B.H rocks my socks is that no matter what goes on, he still knows his first responsibility is to the castle. To this end, he went and picked up the mail before toddling off to his 12 hours of drudgery work. And in the mail I found a Bed, Bath & Beyond circular (they really need to get some kind of internet/mobile advertising happening — go green and get an iPhone app, for frak’s sake!).

And on the front page was the iA5 iHome Alarm Clock. In all it’s magnificent glory.

I NEED this — even at $99, I NEED this. Seriously. Because it’s the coolest thing I have ever seen for my baby, my iPhone (yes, I mentioned that my iPhone is my baby. Yes, I know it’s an inanimate object. Yes, I know I am married to the nearly-perfect G.B.H. Shut up).

This device will wake you up not only by playing the song you program, but also provides you with your local weather and news, as well as info for all your Twitter and Facebook friends — from your iPhone — before leaving your bed! Are you KIDDING me?

Right now, to wake us up, we only have the harsh sounds of the buzz from our phone welcoming us to a new day.

Me no likey. I would love to wake up to my daily them song or something else equally pleasant.

Quote from the website:

“iHome’s first ‘app-enhanced’ speaker dock for the iPhone OS that combines an interactive app with a dedicated bedside alarm clock, providing users the most connected and engaging sleep experience available.”

And I know what you are thinking…G.G.W, $99? Seriously? Are you crazy? Are you drinking? Are you wanting a divorce? Short answers: yes. yes. no. yes. no.

And I know the G.B.H. will give me the side-eye, the cross-eye and every other type of eye when I let him know we are getting this item. At least he won’t have the black eye after we purchase it (definitely kidding. Me no likey domestic violence in any sense).

And that is the Geek.Girl.Wife word of the day. I NEED this. I already downloaded and installed the accompanying app, and now just need this alarm clock to have even sweeter dreams.

App-tastic Tuesday: Top 7 Recommended Domestic Diva Apps

Hello, my name is Geek.Girl.Wife, and my iPhone is my life. I sleep with it. I’m not kidding. Shut up.

In my quest to achieve domestic diva hood, I use this amazing tool to the hilt and it helps make the transition to domesticity so much easier.

Or it just may be that my geekiness requires I use a gadget to cover up for the fact that I still have yet to get my floors as shiny as they should be. Or sew a button on correctly. Or fix a chicken Parmesan.

No worries. They have an app for that.

No, really. They have an iPhone app for just about everything a budding (or veteran) domestic diva could need for efficient management of the household. I was amazed at the sheer number of applications created for the purpose of creating shopping lists, organizing schedules, cooking — and learning how to sew.

Seriously. The learning to sew app has videos. Look for me on the next Project Runway. Shut up.

There are some apps I use daily for household management and just-plain life management and I recommend them to any domestic diva-in-training (or beyond) who wants to take it to the next geeky level:

1. Grocery Pal from Twicular, Inc. It’s fantastic! This free app will find the stores local to you based on zip code, scout out specials at those different stores, remember weekly purchases and create lists that you can then e-mail to the hubby if needed. I don’t have to call and disturb G.B.H at work — it sends him an e-mail and lets him know a trip to the store is in order before he comes home from work.

2. How To Cook Everything from Culinate. This is the iPhone app version of the book by the same name and they have thought of EVERYTHING for this cookbook on steroids. Each recipe includes an overview, list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions. The app even includes user reviews for recipes and a timer! It really is a lifesaver when trying to think of “what’s for dinner tonight?”

3. Phoneflix from Next Mobile Web. It’s a free iPhone app that lets you view and manage your Netflixqueue right from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Although PhoneFlix isn’t affiliated to Netflixin any way, it lets you login to your Netflix account and manage your queue. Plus, you can see your recent activity, recommendations and reviews as well. The Geek.Boy.Husband and I love Netflix and use it as our primary source of entertainment (besides the computer), so this is a solid win for us. I can even plan the movies we will watch when we get home if we’re on the go.

4. MiPets from Vurgood, Inc. is an app that will provide all animal companion (read: pet) information for you at your fingers. If you ever have a pet emergency, it will save you from having to waste time trying to pull records from around the house before getting them to the vet.

5. iHome + Sleep from iHome. This device will wake you up not only by playing the song you program at the times you specify, but also provides you with your local weather and news, as well as connect you to all your Twitter and Facebook friends — from your iPhone — before leaving your bed!

6. SpeakEasy Voice Recorder from Zarboo Software. This app is full of that awesome sauce because it not only allows me to record things like grocery lists for later use, as well as other tasks I seem to have trouble remembering (make the bed, laundry, mop the floor, etc.), it also will me to do (future) mobile podcasts, as it will allow you to download the files to your computer. You can records lectures, school notes, even your hubby droning on about home theater…you get the idea. Nice!

7. Cozi Organizer by Cozi. You can manage your family calendar, grab shopping lists and to do lists with the touch of your finger, and keep your family journal updated—all on your iPhone. They have the corresponding website, and registration is free. It REALLY makes coordinating family events and tasks so much easier.

Those are the apps that have really helped me, but…

Honorable mentions:

WordPress. This app allows serious bloggers to blog on the go and that rocks my socks.

Like I ever go out. Shut up.

Twitter. I am a straight Twitter-holic, and without this app, I could go into some kind of withdrawal. Something I think would be #notcute #menolikey.