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Golf Course Discounts: Your Best Way to Save Money on Tea Times

With all the hard financial issues of our present time, golf lovers may encounter a lot of difficulties in finding golf course bargains. The answer to this is using golf course discounts from various reliable online resources.

How these Golf Course Discounts Work?

There are a lot of brands online who contact large golf course companies to purchase its tee times in bulk. Then, they would choose to offer this at a discounted price with the help of promotional codes. This way, both these brands and the customers are very happy with the deal they get.

The amazing thing in this is that golf enthusiasts get very cheap fees for their tee times. There are in fact hundreds of golf courses throughout the entire United States who have arrangements with such sites. The choices of golf customers are not limited at all.

Best Brands for Golf Course Discounts in 2014

You want to use the services of a popular brand in terms of online golf course discounts, but you don`t really know which one. These 3 below are some of the most often used in 2014.

  • – If you want to find the best golf news, discounts, instructions, videos and golf tips from the professionals, you should go with GolfDigest.
  • – GolfNow is one of the most popular brands in terms of tee times out there. If you want a reliable online code to use for tee times bookings, the ones offered by GolfNow are for sure great to use.
  • – Probably not as well known as the brands above, but they do offer low-cost last minute tee times as well as 100% refunds if you can`t play because of weather conditions. So this may also be a good option if you don`t like any of the first 2. You can visit this site HERE.

How to Find these Golf Course Discounts?

Probably the easiest way is to make your own online Google search. This will release a bunch of different sites arranged in an order depending on how reliable or popular they are. You can also search of these golf course-related sites according to your location. There are also websites which cover golf courses on a national level.

There is a coupon book named Entertainment Guide that does offer its very own discount coupons in terms of golf courses. You can also use this book to get discounts for golf tee times. However, the best source to get these discounts is the online environment, no doubt about it.

Another great online resource to get them is on Craigslist. This is a classifieds website that can offer you almost anything you can imagine, golf course discounts included.

The Best Golf Course Discount

Now let`s say you`ve found what you have been looking for. You have a list of different sites, but you don`t know what to choose. If you have doubts in which direction to go to get your golf course discount deal, you can choose to use Golfnow`s promo codes that can be found on GolfNowPromoCodesq. These online codes are easy to use and are at only a few clicks away. Depending on what kind of a deal you are looking for, you can choose from the list of codes available on the site. Most of the codes work, but if you find any that don`t even though that is exactly what you need, just come back in a few days as the site is updated on a weekly basis.

iHome Alarm Clock. Me Likey!

The Geek.Boy.Husband got a late start this morning, because the battery was busted in our Busy Bee (our name for the car because it’s a bright yellow and black Aztek (pictures available online everywhere you look — and yes, we know most people think it’s one of the worst SUVs ever created. Don’t care! We love our Busy Bee. I picked it out. Shut up).

He had to wait while our Geico saviours came and replaced the battery to the tune of $155. Nice way to start our day. No breakfast. No geek love. Just a busted battery and lateness to the j-o-b.

Reason #153 that the G.B.H rocks my socks is that no matter what goes on, he still knows his first responsibility is to the castle. To this end, he went and picked up the mail before toddling off to his 12 hours of drudgery work. And in the mail I found a Bed, Bath & Beyond circular (they really need to get some kind of internet/mobile advertising happening — go green and get an iPhone app, for frak’s sake!).

And on the front page was the iA5 iHome Alarm Clock. In all it’s magnificent glory.

I NEED this — even at $99, I NEED this. Seriously. Because it’s the coolest thing I have ever seen for my baby, my iPhone (yes, I mentioned that my iPhone is my baby. Yes, I know it’s an inanimate object. Yes, I know I am married to the nearly-perfect G.B.H. Shut up).

This device will wake you up not only by playing the song you program, but also provides you with your local weather and news, as well as info for all your Twitter and Facebook friends — from your iPhone — before leaving your bed! Are you KIDDING me?

Right now, to wake us up, we only have the harsh sounds of the buzz from our phone welcoming us to a new day.

Me no likey. I would love to wake up to my daily them song or something else equally pleasant.

Quote from the website:

“iHome’s first ‘app-enhanced’ speaker dock for the iPhone OS that combines an interactive app with a dedicated bedside alarm clock, providing users the most connected and engaging sleep experience available.”

And I know what you are thinking…G.G.W, $99? Seriously? Are you crazy? Are you drinking? Are you wanting a divorce? Short answers: yes. yes. no. yes. no.

And I know the G.B.H. will give me the side-eye, the cross-eye and every other type of eye when I let him know we are getting this item. At least he won’t have the black eye after we purchase it (definitely kidding. Me no likey domestic violence in any sense).

And that is the Geek.Girl.Wife word of the day. I NEED this. I already downloaded and installed the accompanying app, and now just need this alarm clock to have even sweeter dreams.

Dominos Promotional Codes for Reduced Spendings on Pizza

Dominos promotional codes are simple vouchers that offer reduced prices for Dominos pizzas during specific times within which the voucher must be used in various Dominos outlets. Domino’s Pizza refers to an American chain of restaurants head-quartered in Michigan, USA. They are also an international franchise corporation specialized in pizza delivery. Pizza is one of the most eaten meals across many developed countries as it is easy to prepare and deliver when still hot. They are fast foods that are quickly prepared and finished on request. It is basically a flat-bread baked in the oven and topped with cheese, sauce or vegetables. Companies like Domino’s Pizza are referred to as pizzerias which is a name given to establishments that produce and sell pizzas.

Dominos Promotional Codes and Benefits

This refers to specific voucher numbers provided by Dominos and are used to purchase pizzas from their outlets at significantly reduced prices. These coupons can be bought online or on premise outlets. Pizzas can also be ordered from the official online website and delivered to the comfort of your house. Dominos promotional deals are announced and sold to customers who must then quickly access an outlet to purchase their favorite pizza at up to half less than the normal price. These offers are usually regional and do not apply in all states. The promos are specific to the type of offer, large or medium, chicken, beef, or vegetable and other similar options.

The overruling advantage of purchasing promotional codes is cut meal cost. These offers are sometimes very generous, providing freshly prepared pizzas for as low as half the normal price or less. They are also guided to specific outlets, thereby eliminating chances of refusal.

Types of Pizzas You can Get with Promotional Codes from Dominos

Since it is made from dough and toppings, pizzas come in varying types from the numerous topping ingredients as well as dough enrichment. There are hundreds of different types of pizzas hailing from different combinations. Approximately 500 different types of pizzas listed, although the varieties are much more than that figure. The classification available at Dominos includes; brick oven pizzas, Chicago-style deep dish, Neapolitan pizzas and French break pizzas. These can either be thin or thick crusted which is determined by the mode of preparation. The crust refers to the bottom part of the pizza and it is usually sugary to aid yeast action rising as well as browning. The toppings range from cheese to garlic, sauce, tomato, oregano, ham, mushrooms, olives, seafood, pepper, sausage and salads among many others.

Some of the most popular Dominos pizzas that are generally purchased by customers using promotional codes are the ones listed below:

  • Lahma Bi Ajeen
  • Margherita
  • Calzone
  • Stromboli
  • Marinara
  • Neapolitan
  • Deep dish

Reasons Why People Like Dominos Pizza

Since its introduction in the US after the Second World War, pizzas have been a common menu item for most American families. Aside from the nutritional value, there are many benefits associated with this topped bread that include:

  • Convenience – Pizza are fast foods that can be prepared to a temporal state in many numbers and stored until service time. They only require a simple finishing and warming to serve them hot. Domino’s Pizza has mastered the mass production, storing and distribution of pizzas to thousands of families all over America and the rest of the world. Online orders are also another effective development that ensures fast delivery from nearest outlets within one’s area.
  • Variety – Pizza has no boundaries in the recipe. The ingredients that can be added to any pizza will result to a different variety. The mode of preparation also has an influence on the outcome and distinction. The broad variety allows for incorporation of the cheaply available ingredients with minimal deviations from the recipe procedures.
  • Offers/Promos – Pizza is one of the foods that are characterized by frequent offers and promo. There are days when free complimentary is given on large sized purchases as well as the existence of hourly promos.


Pizzas continue to be desired and consumed worldwide in large numbers as Domino’s Pizza carry on with expansions of its branches to serve new markets. The Dominos promo codes are an effective way to encourage consumption and sustainable utilization, since pizza is loved freshly prepared. Online mobile orders are accepted and only available to consumers who have an account. This is a security and organization measure to enhance customer service. Pizza delivery should be timely.